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II International competition of yong opera singers

II International competition of yong opera singers


The founder of the competition
the Ministry of Culture of the Chuvash Republic


Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater, the city of Cheboksary
August 20 at 16.00
GRAND OPENING -August 20 at 18.30
ROUND II - August 21 and 22
ROUND III - August 24


Executive Director for Asia and China - ZHANG Lei
Mobile +7-911-112-19-66




1. The competition is open to singers born after September 1 1975, graduates or students of high level musical institutions.
2. Competition consists of two preliminary rounds and one final round. All auditions are open to public, the order of performance will be determined by drawing lot and will be kept until the end of the competition.
3. The first round of the competition held in absentia for granted audios. Participants until July 15 2011 provide the jury audio of performance. Audio must include performance of one aria. Audio should be posted on the file-sharing site

Direct download should be sent to the Director of the contest by e-mail
Along with audio you need to send the scanned application documents in electronic form by e-mail
fisher@i.ua and opera_ballet@mail.ru

List of application documents provided by the applicant

- Completed application form

- A copy of the first page of the passport;
- Copy of the diploma for graduates, certificate from place of studies for students;
- CV must contain the following information:
- name, title and rank of the teacher
- prizes and diplomas at the competitions
- current affairs
- Photo (a personal photo of the singer, colored, art, portrait, a close up)
5. Incorrectly completed, incomplete or sent after the deadline application documents will be accepted.
6. All admitted to participation in the contest will receive invitation with the date of arrival at the competition on the e-mail specified in the application list. Invitation by mail will be sent only to citizens of those countries that require visas to enter Russia.
7. Foreign participants who wish to attend the competition with an accompanying person must send to the address copy of the first page of the passport of the accompanying person for a visa invitation.
8. Entry fee of $ 200 USD is paid by the participant on August 20 2011 on the competition registration before the draw.


1. The order of performance decided by ballot at the beginning of the competition will be the same in each round until the end of the competition.
2. The decisions of jury is final and will not be reconsidered.
3. The Jury has the right to reduce a program or to stop a performance which exceeds the regulations or in case of an evident result of a performance upon agreement of all Members of Jury
4. Changes in the statement of the program are allowed only with the consent of the jury.
5. The competition organizers have unlimited rights to broadcast and record, videotape, televise, film and photograph the competition events and to make audio or visual recordings of them and to broadcast them without any payment to the competitors. The organizers have right to contract a third party to distribute the above motioned material of the Competition.


1. The organizing committee provides each participant a skilled pianist on the basis of the provisional application filed before July 15 2011 and the payment of 50 USD on August 20 2011 on the competition registration before the draw.
2. If a competitor wishes to bring his or her own pianist he or she must bear all the expenses for pianist's travel and accommodation.


1. The Competition will offer rehearsing rooms and 10 minutes rehearsing time at the Hall to every competitor.
2. The competitors selected to the Final Round will have a rehearsal with the orchestra the day before the performance.


- Grand-prix of 5 000$ and the title of Laureate
- 1st Prize of 2000$ and the title of Laureate
- 2nd Prize of 1500$ and the title of Laureate
- 3rd Prize of 1000$ and the title of Laureate
Diplomas are awarded:
- The youngest participant of the competition.
- For the best performance of the aria.
- For the best performance of the romance.
- For exquisite artistic interpretation and mastery of performance
- To the best teacher.
The competitors of the Final Round not awarded the main prizes and the title of Laureate will be awarded a Honorary Diploma.

Within the limit of the award fund the Jury is entitled to:
assign some of the prizes
divide the prizes (with the exception of the Grand-prix) among the Laureates.

State and social organizations, artistic associations, mass media, institutions and firms may establish special prizes upon agreement of the Competition Jury

The winners will be awarded performance in Gala concerts to be held in Cheboksary, St. Petersburg, Beijing.


1. Administration of the competition provides participants with free accommodation and meals. The participants themselves pay the cost of invitations, visas, air and train tickets.
2. For newcomers to the contest participants accompanists Organizing Committee does not incur any costs.


Competition will arrange for participants master classes with members of the jury.
Tamara Novichenko will give master class
Tamara Novichenko brought a galaxy of opera singers. The most famous protégée of Tamara Dmitriyevna Novichenko - a world renowned opera diva Anna Netrebko.
Anna Netrebko
People's Artist of Russia
A graduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory class of Tamara Dmitrievna Novichenko. Anna Netrebko is no longer just the darling of the opera world: she is enchanting audiences around the globe while continuing to cultivate the respect and admiration of opera’s most devoted and demanding fans. Her beautiful, dark, and distinctive voice, together with her elegant and alluring stage presence, have prompted critics to hail the Russian soprano as “Audrey Hepburn with a voice,” and “a singer who simply has it all: a voice of astounding purity, precision, and scope, extensive dynamic and tonal range, imagination, insight, and wit – all combined with a dazzling charisma that makes it all but impossible to look away when she is performing.”



The first round of the competition held in absentia for granted audios. Audio must include performance of one aria


1. Aria from the opera, cantata or oratorio XVI-XVIII centuries including Mozart
2. An opera aria of the participant's choice
3. Romance or song of the participant's choice


(Final performance accompanied by an orchestra)
Two opera arias of the participant's choice (Italian, German, Russian or French)


- the contestants must check the availability of the scores and orchestra parts of the arias to be performed in the Final Round with the Competition committee. In case of their unavailability at the Competition, the contestants must present them for performance in the Final Round.
- All works must be performed from memory and in the original language
- No piece may appear twice in the contestant's repertoire.
- Amendments to the repertoire will be exceptionally allowed upon the agreement of the Head of Jury